The set of ‘Hope Street’ was home from home for Enniskillen actor Ciarán McMenamin this summer, as he was joined by a strong cohort of Fermanagh crew members for the third series of the BBC Northern Ireland crime drama.

Ciarán, who is reprising his role of Inspector Finn O’Hare, was delighted to be working alongside five fellow Fermanagh natives – Anthony Breen, Director of photography; Lana Knox, Assistant locations manager; Caitlan Finlay McGovern, Script supervisor; Dwayne Douglas, Gaffer (head of lighting); and Criostoir MGoldrick, Camera Assistant, who comprised a substantial part of the television show’s crew as filming took place in the Co. Down village of Donaghadee over the past few months.

Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, Ciarán explained that when he first started his career in television and film, he doesn’t recall ever coming across a single Fermanagh crew member on a job.

‘Great pride’

“There were a handful of actors from the county and that was it. So, 25 years later, it fills me with great pride to come into work every day now with all of these talented young people from the county.


Ciarán McMenamin and Criostoir MGoldrick, Camera Assistant.

Ciarán McMenamin and Criostoir MGoldrick, Camera Assistant.


“All of them doing what they love, and doing it with great skill and enthusiasm, and having a ball while doing it,” he said, noting that on Hope Street, apart from the cast and crew members from Belfast, Fermanagh is “by far the best-represented county on a large filming crew across a variety of key positions”.

Continuing, he said: “As the old cliche goes, ‘find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’.

“These guys all went to school in Fermanagh, and are all working in an industry they are incredibly passionate about.

“I think this is great for our kids in the county to see the television world as a viable career option within Northern Ireland, and to realise that there is a well-trodden path into this industry now across a whole range of roles,” Ciarán told this newspaper.