IN his autobiography “Seán Quinn – In My Own Words”, the former billionaire has published what he claims is a private text message sent to his wife Patricia from the wife of a Mannok director.

In 2020, the Quinn name was removed from the business created by Mr. Quinn and it was renamed Mannok.

Mr. Quinn wrote that this change was the “final insult to the Quinn family” and that they have received support from people from all over the world against the change.

At the time of the change, Marianne McCaffrey, wife of Mannok chief executive Liam McCaffrey, allegedly sent a text message to Mr. Quinn’s wife, Patricia, with a photograph showing Mr. McCaffrey and other directors standing in front of a re-branded Mannok lorry.

“While I knew Marianne, and had attended her wedding to Liam, I never dreamt that she would stoop so low,” wrote Mr. Quinn.

The next day, Mrs. McCaffrey sent another message apologising to Mrs. Quinn stating it was sent in error and was intended for another person.

“It was an honest mistake and not intentional,” the text message concluded.

There are now concerns the private messages and other material included in the book will inflame tensions in the area.

The Impartial Reporter contacted Mannok yesterday for comment.