A judge has expressed concern over the excess speed reached by country singing star Nathan Carter who was caught 30mph over the road limit.

The 33-year-old with an address in Bellanaleck committed the offence on July 29 this year.

He did not appear before Enniskillen Magistrates Court however, a defence solicitor entered a guilty plea on Carter’s behalf.

It was disclosed police conducting a mobile patrol in the Bellanaleck area noted the speed of a grey Peugeot vehicle to be in excess of the speed limit while travelling in the direction of Enniskillen

Officers remained behind the vehicle for just over a mile and noted it at a steady speed of 90mph, on a road limited to 60mph.

When stopped and cautioned he admitted his guilt and cooperated fully with police at the scene.

The matter could not be dealt with by a Fixed Penalty Notice as the excess speed was too high over the discretionary threshold, and so was reported for prosecution at court.

The defence informed the court Carter has a completely clear record and on the day in question: “'His speed crept up inadvertently. Thankfully no one was inconvenienced and there was no accident or incident. He immediately accepted his guilt to police without a hint of excuse. He travels the roads significantly and is an experienced driver who is taking this matter seriously.”

District Judge Alana McSorley remarked: “The court is concerned by the high speed however, in light of how the defendant has met this offence I will keep this to Penalty Points.

She imposed a fine of £250 along with six penalty points.