“Very, very, very”, was how seven-year-old Jamie Robinson (pictured) from Belleek replied when asked how excited he was about appearing on the Late Late Toy Show tomorrow night (Friday).

This will be the first toy show hosted by Patrick Kielty in his new role as Late Late presenter.The Primary Four pupil at St. Davog’s Primary School said: “It’s a dream come true,” to appear on the Toy Show.

He has been a fan for quite some time: “We watched it last year, and we watched clips of it on YouTube.

“My two sisters are very excited, and my dad’s sister is very excited”

Jamie auditioned for the show by playing the drums, he said: “I played ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘The Way I am’.

“My favourite drummer is John McCann, from the Tumbling Paddies.” He says when he grows up, he wants to be like him.

Jamie became a keen drummer by chance explained his mother, Jenna: “Two Christmases ago Jamie asked Santa for the black imitation round bales for his tractor.

“So Santa brought three, but Jamie never played farming with the bales instead he used to put YouTube on the Telly and played Tumbling Paddies and other country music songs whilst beating the three bales with the kindling sticks for the fire.

“We noticed his rhythm was good so I videoed it and sent it to our family group.

“What I didn’t know was that Jamie’s Grand Uncle Gaby Cassidy who is a painter and decorator had a brand-new drum kit in his attic.

“He had been asked to take it from a house he was decorating as their child had no interest so the man told him to take it with him and some day he would find a home for it.

“When he seen Jamie playing in the video, he got into the attic got the drum kit down and landed to Belleek the next day and gave Jamie the drum kit.

“It has brought Jamie so much happiness, music is definitely his happy place.”

Jamie is a student of Michael Kristie and looks forward to his weekly drumming lessons.

Proud mum Jenna said: “We are all very proud, the whole town has been buzzing. There have been brilliant cards. The whole town is wishing him luck, its been lovely to have happy news.”

Jamie added: ““Everybody has the candles lit and they are all praying.

“Granny has them lit, and Brendan next door.”