Jamie Robinson (7) has another big gig this weekend as he will be helping turn on the Christmas lights in Belleek on Saturday evening, one week after his performance on the Late Late Toy Show.

Jamie will be performing for a slightly smaller audience on Saturday evening, December 2, after wowing people around the world.

The average audience for last Friday’s broadcast of the Toy Show was 1,461,800 people with 550,000 streams from 147 countries.

The video of Jamie and his bandmates performing Oliva Rodrigo’s 'Vampire' has already racked up almost 30,000 streams on Youtube.

Was he nervous?

“No,” said Jamie.

Not even a wee bit?


Jamie says the highlight of the show was “chilling with the band in the green room”.

He had got to know his fellow bandmates very well explained his mother, Jenna Robinson: “They have set up a wee Whatsapp group so they can stay in contact.”

The children in the band who performed Olivia Rodrigo’s 'Vampire' have grown very friendly having spent countless hours rehearsing together for their big moment.

As for host Patrick Kielty’s performance, Jamie said: “Good, the man couldn’t wait to get out of that elf costume!"

Talking about the experience overall, Jamie described it as “rad”.

On his return to Belleek, he had several calls and a cake made for him and on Sunday, as Jamie and his cousins went to their Grandma’s house to watch the programme together.

Mum Jenna added: “The support he got from Belleek and all his family and friends, especially at St. Davog’s was amazing.”

As for his big gig this weekend, Jamie says it will be “less pressure”.