Young farmers can benefit from a discounted rate for a beginner wool shearing course announced this week by Ulster Wool.

This will be the sixth year Ulster Wool and YFCU have worked together and this year the training offer for young farmers has been extended.

In previous years, Ulster Wool offered young farmers an opportunity to attend a beginner shearing course if this was a first-time course.

This year, this exclusive offer has been extended to include all young farmers, regardless of level and how many courses they have previously attended.

A young farmer can benefit from 50 per cent off Ulster Wool Shearing Courses for the duration of their membership.

This offer includes participation in both machine and blade shearing courses. These courses will be over two days, covering all the essential aspects of achieving a successful shearing season including the use of shearing equipment and hands-on shearing practice to develop your technique.

The exclusive price YFC members will pay for this training offer is £100, plus £20 VAT.

The normal cost for this course would be £200 plus £40 VAT.

This offer is valid for YFC members registering before March 31.

Excellent fleece presentation is key in ensuring wool is presented correctly and to a high standard.

Ulster Wool is extending its training offer for YFC members to participate in its wool handling course.

This one-day course will be delivered by a competitive wool handler at a discounted price of only £50 plus £10 VAT, where the normal cost for this course is £60 plus £12 VAT.

Richard Schofield, Shearing Manager at Ulster Wool, said: “We are once again delighted to be working with YFCU in extending our training offer to all young farmers.

“Supporting the training and development of the next generation of shearers is important to us at Ulster Wool and we feel very proud in the quantity and quality of shearers and wool handlers we have here in the UK.

“We look forward to welcoming young farmers onto our courses once again this year, and encourage any interested YFC member to contact the YFCU before the March 31 closing date.”