A cross-border People's Forum will be held in Enniskillen this month to give people the opportunity to discuss key issues impacting their community and to work collectively to find practical solutions to address important areas of peace and wellbeing.

The Civic Initiative is actioning an 18-month citizen-led review of key socioeconomic rights and commitments under the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement including housing, healthcare, education, political institutions, human rights, poverty, rural access, and culture across Northern Ireland and border counties with a view to finding pathways forward.

Emma DeSouza, Civic Initiative Founder and Co-Facilitator said: “This is an expansive and inclusive space for people across Northern Ireland and border counties to have voice on issues impacting their lives, and importantly, to look for practical solutions that recognise the circumstances facing communities.”

Les Allamby, the former Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, and the Independent Chair of the Civic Initiative added: “The Civic Initiative is an ambitious project that brings together a wide-range of civic society organisations to create a much-needed space for deliberative dialogue on key issues.”

The Forum forms part of a new civic movement to give citizens a voice on key issues. Recommendations developed through the Civic Initiative will be delivered to the Irish and British governments as well as the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The Cross Border People’s Forum takes place on Saturday, February 17 at 9.30am, Fermanagh House, Enniskillen. registration is available here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/civic-initiative-cross-border-peoples-forum-fermanagh-tickets-797229614237

The Initiative provides financial support towards travel costs. The forum is a three-hour facilitated deliberative dialogue, refreshments are provided. The Enniskillen Forum is in partnership with Community advice Fermanagh, and Women’s Collective Ireland Monaghan.