Former DUP leader and now Baroness, Arlene Foster, has voiced her approval of the deal her former party negotiated which has seen a return to power-sharing in Northern Ireland, saying it safeguards and strengthens the United Kingdom.

In a video released by the DUP, Baroness Foster said: "Anybody involved in politics knows negotiation is a difficult process and that certainly has been the case over this past two years.

"The DUP have been working with the UK government to try and find a way forward for Northern Ireland, within the United Kingdom and to safeguard the Union.

"The document that has been produced shows that Northern Ireland is firmly within the United Kingdom.

"It is safeguarded, but it’s also strengthened."

Baroness Foster said this was due to the different bodies that are now put in place to monitor what happens in Northern Ireland.

"That means that this isn’t the end of the process, but indeed is the start of a process.

"We have the UK Intertrade body that’s going to try and promote trade, but internally within the United Kingdom.

"We have the new East-West Council, something which I’m very pleased to see because it's something I spoke about many years ago.

"And of course, we have the Castlereagh Foundation, something that was to come about after the New Decade, New Approach agreement, but which is now firmly going to be put in place.

"That’s good for the Union. This is a positive step forward," added Baroness Foster before concluding: "I hope Unionism gets on the front foot, and I very much hope that the future is bright.

“It is what we want it to be."