SUPPORT for the Enniskillen Gift Card scheme continues to grow, with a milestone of £1m set to be achieved this year.

The Enniskillen Gift Card, managed by Enniskillen Business Improvement District (BID), has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity since being launched in 2017.

Proven to be an ideal solution for individuals seeking the perfect present, all while supporting local businesses, a total of more than 140 shops, restaurants, and service providers are now participating in the scheme.

And this year, Enniskillen BID will have even more reason to celebrate with the total sales made with the gift card set to hit £1m.

Noelle McAloon, manager of Enniskillen BID, said that the soaring success of the Enniskillen Gift Card is a testament to the town's vibrant and diverse business community.

“I am so proud of the success of the Enniskillen Gift Card, and it reflects how special Enniskillen is," she said.

"Reaching £1m in sales for the local economy was never thought achievable when we launched this product in 2017.

"But the local community and local businesses have supported it fully, and I thank everyone who has purchased a gift card. You are really supporting the Enniskillen economy.”

Since its inception, a wide array of establishments, ranging from unique boutiques and High Street stores to cozy cafés and the hospitality sector, have embraced the Enniskillen Gift Card scheme. 

One of these businesses is S. D. Kells, situated at Church Street, Enniskillen.

Simon Kennedy, of S. D. Kells, said: “S. D. Kells is very much a local, independent business that supports our local area. 

"We go out of our way to promote loyalty to our store and give our consumers the best experience. 

"The Enniskillen Gift Card has been very beneficial for us. We accept lots of them, and we know the customers enjoy spending them in-store with us.”

It is thought that one of the key drivers behind the Enniskillen Gift Card's remarkable success is its commitment to providing exceptional service and convenience to cardholders.

The user-friendly online platform allows for easy purchase and quick redemption at any participating establishment.

Additionally, the Enniskillen Gift Card team also prioritises customer satisfaction, and promptly addresses any queries or concerns that may arise.

The team behind the card have adopted an active approach to promotion and community outreach in their quest to achieve the milestone of £1m in sales.

Regular advertising campaigns across various media channels, both online and offline, aim to effectively spread awareness about the convenience and versatility of the gift card.

The Enniskillen Gift Card has embraced the digital revolution, with a digital option for the gift card set to be introduced this year, with a 'digital card' that recipients can store in their digital wallet on their mobile phone.