A Fermanagh social media user has poked fun at the ongoing media frenzy regarding an edited photo of members of the Royal Family.

The photograph of  Catherine, Princess of Wales formally Kate Middleton and her children has been subject to much scrutiny online and has been subject to online conspiracies as well as jokes.

Dahlia farmer Mark Robinson (@augheyflowers) posted an edited image on Instagram of the Princess of Wales and her children with the caption: "100% not photoshopped, this was a photo taken on their visit to our dahlia flowers last year, 100% not photoshopped.

"Most of the rights to the image are the royal family… the rest are ours!"


Questions had been raised that the first picture of the Princess of Wales to be released after her abdominal surgery may have been manipulated before it was posted on social media by Kensington Palace.

There was speculation that edits had been made to the left sleeve of Princess Charlotte’s cardigan, and other areas of the picture also raised concerns about possible manipulation.

The picture was released to reassure the public amid escalating conspiracy theories online over the state of Kate’s health in recent weeks, but in an extraordinary turn of events sparked what is being dubbed “Kategate” and even “Sleevegate”.