A LOCAL MLA has voiced concerns that many residents are at risk of inferior infrastructure in their area due to unadopted developments - especially in circumstances where Developers have gone bankrupt or dissolved.

Fermanagh and South Tyrone MLA., Tom Elliot, said there are "countless numbers" of people across Fermanagh and South Tyrone who are faced with crumbling roads and potholes  on their doorsteps due to unadopted housing developments.

Mr. Elliot said: "It has been incredibly alarming to hear those developments of reasonable good condition and those that have yet to be adopted by DFI, including other agencies such as NI Water, have no safety net if the developer has since dissolved without providing the sufficient monies for the road bond.

“If in any case where bond is not sufficient to bring the development up to an adoptable standard and the developer has ceased trading, DFI and NI Water have no funding mechanism or legal responsibility to bridge the shortfall between the bond and cost of the necessary works, this will leave entire communities potentially having to pick up the bill for tens of thousands as the developer is not in a position of liability.

“The risks associated with unadopted developments is of great concern as homeowners can be left in limbo when trying to sell their properties. I have written to the Minister of Infrastructure seeking greater clarity.”