Impartial Reporter: Margaret Gallagher tends the open fire at her home.Margaret Gallagher tends the open fire at her home. (Image: John McVitty.)

Margaret Gallagher

It was a crisp February morning
With the cry of spring in the air
Around the rolling hills of Belcoo
I visited a special lady there

Driving up to the green door
Of Margaret Gallagher’s idyllic home
I get the heady, smell of turf smoke
Where beautiful wild birds love to roam

The walls are sparkling with whitewash
Thatch adorns the roof of this place
Margaret Gallagher greets me at the door
With a welcoming smile upon her face

But this is not a showy museum
It is a warm and welcoming home
Margaret lives her life so happily
It is all she has ever known

Margaret bakes her own homemade bread
She fetches water from the well
As she places a slice upon my plate
That creates a wonderful smell

Margaret is a real country lady
She is grounded, earthy , spiritual and wise
Who is totally in touch with this place
Her eloquence she cannot disguise

With a deep and strong faith in God
She has a sense that the Lord is very near
Her deep devotion to the sacraments
As sustained her for many a year

With a very happy childhood
She worked hard upon the land
Dropping seeds for lovely potatoes
And in the bog she’d lent a hand

Beautiful oil lamps, light up the room
Margaret tells me about the importance of reading
With a bookcase full of fact and fiction
She says books give her a special feeling

Margaret explains the philosophy for life
And that we are only passing through
So enjoy every moment of your life
Because God has a plan for you

As I bid farewell to Margaret
As she walks me to the door
She is the Queen of Mullylusty
A lady that we all adore

Poem by James Gallagher

READER James (below) was inspired to write this poem about Margaret Gallagher, whose simple life in the immaculately-kept home that she grew up in continues to fascinate people near and far. An extended interview with Margaret by Gerry McLaughlin, as featured in our March 7 edition, is available online at

Impartial Reporter: James Gallagher.James Gallagher. (Image: James Gallagher.)