Soil sample collection as part of the Soil Nutrient Health Scheme (SNHS) is continuing across Counties Fermanagh and Tyrone and will continue throughout April.

Soil samplers have endured extremely wet conditions both underfoot and overhead over this past winter.

Zone 2 covers farm businesses which registered online across west Co. Armagh, south Tyrone and all of Fermanagh.

Once sampled, farms will receive their soil analysis results and recommendations after four to six weeks through the post or by email from NRM, the analysis contractor.

By the end of January, more than 70,000 fields in Zone 2 had been sampled, with the current focus on intensive farmland, which is more likely to receive nutrient applications early in the season.

It is anticipated that Zone 2 completion will be in early Spring.

In addition to the soil analysis results, farmers will receive access to farm maps through DAERA online services which will include details of the nutrient, pH and soil organic matter levels in each field; identify areas within fields prone to nutrient loss via runoff to waterways; and an estimate of the amount of carbon stored in their soils, hedgerows and trees.

Training on Nutrient Management and the role of carbon on farms will be provided to all farmers by CAFRE.

This will be offered in both online and face-to-face formats and more information on this is available at

As the end of the closed period approaches, farmers who have not yet been sampled are requested to inform RPS, the sampling contractors, if and when they are planning to spread slurry and apply fertiliser in order to assist with the soil sampling schedule, and ensure samples are not collected within six weeks of application.

Please contact by telephone 028 9692 8388, or by email

All farmers who have received analysis will be invited to CAFRE SNHS training, which is divided into two parts: Understanding Nutrient Management, and Completing a Nutrient Management Plan.

Completing this training will be essential to secure payments in future years. The training can be completed in person and online.