Sunday’s mid-March weather came as no surprise to people all across Fermanagh, neighbouring counties and the island of Ireland as St. Patrick’s Day was marked and celebrated with sunny smiles and light showers.

Impartial Reporter: Darragh, Conor and Penelope Logan with their grandfather, Gerald Logan.Darragh, Conor and Penelope Logan with their grandfather, Gerald Logan. (Image: Donnie Phair)

Rain was never far away before, during or after the day’s parades for many towns and villages, yet whether facing rain or shine, organisers everywhere were praising some of the best St. Patrick’s Day events held for many years, with the hit-and-miss weather doing nothing to dampen enthusiasm and interest for the globally-celebrated day right here on readers’ doorsteps.

Whether taking in the parade and related celebrations in Enniskillen, or heading along to the smaller – but no less cheerfully enthusiastic – parades at other towns and villages across the Border region, March 17 saw some very impressive turn-outs of participants and crowds of onlookers alike.

Impartial Reporter: Leapin' leprechauns - hydrofoiling across the Erne.Leapin' leprechauns - hydrofoiling across the Erne. (Image: Donnie Phair)

Very significant gatherings were in evidence everywhere for 2024’s St. Patrick’s Day, with plenty of tourists and visitors also joining in the day’s fun in several locations.

Once again, the day’s biggest regional celebrations by a country mile were held in Enniskillen, where organisers would surely have been delighted by a day’s turn-out which topped even some other impressive gatherings in recent years.

Impartial Reporter: Tia Bryans, of Jets Cheerleading, strikes an impressive pose.Tia Bryans, of Jets Cheerleading, strikes an impressive pose. (Image: Donnie Phair)

Whether taking in some of the fun water-based activities and events held at the Broadmeadow near the Lakeland Forum, or braving the throngs of onlookers who were several people deep lining the densely-packed High Street, the Patron Saint of Ireland’s day drew together a very significant gathering of people of all ages, happy to celebrate the day with friends and family, and to have a bit of craic at the many events being held across the town.

Waterside events saw much to enjoy throughout the day, as the island town celebrated and highlighted its remarkable water heritage and ties to the timeless Erne with plenty of activities, where the fun was anything but watered down.

Impartial Reporter: Brendan Maguire, one of the tractor drivers adding to the day's fun.Brendan Maguire, one of the tractor drivers adding to the day's fun. (Image: Donnie Phair)

Hydrofoiling leprechauns were just one of the sights to be seen at the waterside, where a range of family entertainment and treats had been expertly arranged within a stone’s throw of the town centre.

However, as with everywhere else featured in these pages (through to Page 22), the day’s main event was undoubtedly the afternoon parade, where once again organisers had outdone themselves in putting on a show to remember.

Impartial Reporter: One of the colourful parade characters.One of the colourful parade characters. (Image: Donnie Phair)

And why have one St. Patrick, when you can have two? A cheerful human St. Patrick, and a towering 20-foot-tall St. Patrick, both ambled along through the centre of the historic market town, delighting the crowds.

The St. Patricks were only one small part of the parade in Enniskillen, however, as a plethora of community groups, creative floats and characters, old favourites such as a long line of tractors and classic vehicles, bands, sports groups, dancers and much, much more made their way through the town.

Impartial Reporter: St. Patrick's making his way through the town.St. Patrick's making his way through the town. (Image: Donnie Phair)

With so much going on in Enniskillen on the day itself, and leading up to it, this year’s event – supported by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, Enniskillen BID, and a wide range of local businesses – set a higher benchmark of quality than even St. Patrick himself could shake a snake-banishing stick at.

Not to be outdone in terms of enthusiasm, at least, were the plentiful St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations also taking place across the region on Sunday, with The Impartial Reporter’s photographers there to capture some of the sights and sounds, parades and participants, and locals and lookers-on.

Impartial Reporter: The Brogan and Reihill families.The Brogan and Reihill families. (Image: Donnie Phair)

Popular staples such as local tractors and farming connections were once again staples of many displays, as were seeing community groups, Irish dancers, fun characters and much more, with each town and village adding their own flavour to the day, supported by local businesses and arranged by hard-working local volunteers and community-minded businesses, ensuring that regardless of where people were, there was a fun and enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day in store for everyone.

Impartial Reporter: Busy scenes down at the Broadmeadow.Busy scenes down at the Broadmeadow. (Image: Donnie Phair)

Impartial Reporter: Young Enniskillen Gaels members.Young Enniskillen Gaels members. (Image: Donnie Phair)