The Annual Feis Verse Speaking/Own Poetry Sections ran very successfully from March 4 to 9 in St. Michael’s College, Enniskillen.

A high entry dominated the classes from P1- P7.

This year, the Feis welcomed Geraldine McNulty from Nenagh, Tipperary, as Adjudicator.

Being highly-experienced in her role as a Speech and Drama teacher/examiner, Mrs. McNulty commented regularly throughout the week on the high standard in both the Verse Speaking and Own Poetry sections, from P1 right up to Fourth and Fifth Year level.

Throughout the Verse/Own Poetry section events, Mrs. McNulty consistently commended and praised all the competitors who came along and participated.

She was continually praiseworthy of all efforts from competitors, through her detailed written comments and positive oral feedback at adjudication.

Mrs. McNulty called all the competitors “our shining stars of the future”.

Throughout the week, she also praised and thanked the supporting role of parents, teachers and the Feis Committee and volunteers in preparing and organising children for the event.

On behalf of the Feis Committee, Helen Cleary (Verse/Own Poetry Secretary) wished to sincerely thank St. Michael’s College for the use of its premises during the week.

She said: “A special note of thanks to all the caretaking and cleaning staff for their hard work in ensuring the premises were ideal for welcoming the large audiences.

“Also thanks to all the Volunteer Feis personnel for helping make the event run smoothly, and who work as a great team despite being low in numbers.

“Anyone wishing to volunteer help in running the Feis sections, in the future, would be warmly welcomed.”

Impartial Reporter: Tattygar Prizewinners in Verse, Own Poetry Vocal Solo Sections in Fermanagh Feis 2024.Tattygar Prizewinners in Verse, Own Poetry Vocal Solo Sections in Fermanagh Feis 2024.

Results are as follows.

P1 Girls

1st: Harriet Given.

Joint 2nd: Poppy Rooke, Shaina McLoughlin, Darcy Stapleton.

Joint 3rd: Sadie Maguire, Erin Baltrap, Sophie Mulligan.

Highly-Commended (HC:): Martla Crawford, Cassie Livingstone, Lily Tracey, Orla Crudden, Alana Rogers, Lucia Jones


P1 Boys

1st: Calolan Clifford.

Joint 2nd: Liam McGinley, Shea Falconer, Danny Quinn.

Joint 3rd: Tadhg McBrien, Jasper Cadden, Luca Hanna.

HC: Brayden Eames, Joseph Hamill, Charlie Crawford.


P2 Girls

1st: Tessa Rutledge.

Joint 2nd: Aila Gott, Fiadh Ormsby, Ailbhe Fitzpatrick, Misha Klacansha, Aneya Mehaffy, Kimberly McManus, Layla McGrath.

Joint 3rd: Eabha Shannon, Aoife Donnelly, Isla Webb, Fiadh Corrigan, Sienna Dolan.

HC: Clodagh Ward, Annie Masson, Lily Connolly, Elsie MCaffrey, Hannah Cosgrove, Ana Peters, Felicity Richmond, Grace Pringle, Muirin McGinley, Megan McCaffrey, Chloe McKiernan, Holly Jones.


P2 Boys

1st: Cian Rooney.

Joint 2nd: Sean Magennis, Rossa McAloon, Shay Curry, Lorcan O’Connor.

3rd: Conor Doherty, Finbar O’Caiside, Jonah Jones, Liam Farren.

HC: Mohassin Hussain, Seanie Snow.


P3 Girls

1st: Thea Clifford.

Joint 2nd: Abigail Stenson, Kaitlyn Johnston, Aimee Hall, Anya Kerr, Eve Williams, Aoife O’Brien.

Joint 3rd: Daisy Donohoe, Alexa-Mae Blair, Meaya Markauskas, Cadhla Connolly, Ellen McLoughlin, Fianna Rafferty, Meghan Cassidy, Rosie Leonard.

HC: Carly McManus, Flora Hutchings, Alice Wilson, Molly McAuley, Katie McHugh, Ailbhe King, Evie-Mae Mbeulani, Meabh Quinn, Sophie Keaney, Emily Maguire, Mallaidh Graham, Hannah Kearns, Sophie Maguire, Quinn McManus.


P3 Boys

1st: Odin Gardner.

Joint 2nd: Traian Sandulean, Conor McMahon, Lucas Bersot, Charlie Falconer, Eoin Clifford.

Joint 3rd: Joe Keaney, Joshua Willis, Alexander Henderson.

HC: Lorcan Burns, Ciann Quinn, Josiah Donaldson, Killian Masterson, Cillian Reihill, Caolan Maguire, Dara McCaffrey.


P4 Girls

Joint 1st: Isabel McAuley.

Joint 2nd: Olivia Strawbridge, Rebecca Bell, Lily Doran, Thea Johnston, Caoimhe McAuley, Amelia Carson, Megan Black, Etta Kerrigan, Ruby Clarke, Clara McHugh, Kila Gallagher, Alice McKenna, Sienna Gormley.

Joint 3rd: Indy Granleese, Emily Hoy, Esme Cairns, Isabella Neary, Shona-Mae O’Neill, Aleesha McGowan, Alanna Corrigan, Maria Kelly, Anna Kelly.

HC: Heidi Wilson, Orlaith Howell, Sorcha Shannon, Darcy Crawford, Casey McChesney, Grace Webb, Ella McCusker, Annie Mae Kerr, Emma McCaffrey, Erin Maguire.


P4 Boys

1st: Nathan Fee.

Joint 2nd: Louie Gallagher, Caolan Donnelly, Donnacha O’Neill, Hugh Maguire.

Joint 3rd: Jake Johnston, Patrick Black, Joe McPhillips, Turlough McNulty, Aaron McElwaine.

HC: Andrew Ebbitt, Aaron Clay, Ronan Harte, Patrick-James Tummon, Gavin Og Connolly.


P5 Girls

Joint 1st: Niamh Rooney.

Joint 2nd: Sadie Corrigan, Sorcha Dennison, Lucy Beacom, Emily McAloon, Erin McCaffrey, Amelia Browne, Fia Mangan, Tilly Wilson, Caoimhe Corrigan, Roisin Rice, Maddie McGovern, Keela Maguire, Maggie O’Brien.

Joint 3rd: Laura Hughes, Jayne McAteer, Ella Prior, Jorgia McAleer, Rosa Reagan, Lacey Crawford, Meabh Hamill, Ava Clayton, Leah Gormley.

HC: Poppy Brownlee, Alyssa Fitzpatrick, Clara Landers, Grace O’Kane, Jasmin O’Neill, Elsie Jones, Elin O’Donoghue, Lucy Flanagan, Georgia McElwaine, Aoibhe McGough


P5 Boys

1st: George Waldie.

2nd: Tommy Mullarkey, Nial Farrell.

Joint 3rd: James McConnell, James Dolan, Jamie Keaney.

HC: Ismail Mahmoud, Fionn Convey.


P6 Girls

1st: Saoirse Carron.

Joint 2nd: Cara-Jayne Baxter, Emily Maguire, Isla McManus, Aoibheann Cassidy, Daisy Cassidy Jones, Olivia McElwaine, Olivia Gormley, Caitlin Landers, Aoife Higgins, Kathryn Thompson.

Joint 3rd: Ella-Rose Hynes, Ruby McGurn, Gracie Quinlan, Jodie Maguire, Lily Prior, Annabelle Breen.

HC: Niamh Breen, Sienna Johnston, Lola Stewart, Belle Magee, Sapphire Smith, Holly Cassidy, Maddie Martin, Fianna O’Reilly, Sophie Reilly, Tiana Mbeulani, Charlie Beacom, Charlotte Johnston, Lauren Irvine, Dori Armstrong, Seren Blair.


P6 Boys

1st: Peadar Quinn.

Joint 2nd: Alfie McCordick, Conor Curran, Arthur McManus.

3rd: Muhammad Rehman.

HC: Charlie Boyd, Lorcan Hamill.


P7 Girls

1st: Isabella Mathers.

Joint 2nd: Blaithin Hanrahan, Bethany Little, Alanna Timoney, Ellie Flanagan, Saoirse McGough.

Joint 3rd: Katelyn Rafferty, Ella Beattie, Eva-Rose McCluskey, Florence McGovern.

HC: Anna Ryan, Tillie Maye, Emily Woods, Cori McConnell, Grace McKenna.


P7 Boys

1st: Charles Armstrong.

2nd: Matthew Hoy, Eddie Devine.

Joint 3rd: Caolan Donohoe, Oran McCaffrey, Killian Gallagher.

HC: Adam Dixon, Mateja McGourty.


Primary Choral Verse

1. Enniskillen Integrated PS.

2. Moat PS


Post-Primary Year 8/9 Girls

1st: Joanna Moore.

2nd: Clodagh Donaghy.

Joint 3rd: Holly Barkley, Kyra Willis.


Post-Primary Year 8/9 Boys

1st: Kayde Gormley.

Post-Primary Year 10 Girls

Uma De Naipir (Overall Verse Speaking Bursary Winner).



Own Poetry P4 and below

1st: Grace Cureton.

2nd: Paidi Maguire.

3rd: Niamh Meehan.

HC: Doireann McBrien, Alanna Corrigan, Lochlan McGovern.


Own Poetry P5

1st: Myla McEvoy (Overall Own Poetry Bursary Winner).

2nd: Daire Marie Cassidy.

3rd: Aoibhe McGough.

HC: Florie Carty, Maisie McCaffrey, Dara Duffy, Niamh Corrigan, Molly Murphy


Own Poetry P6

1st: Clara Kelly.

Joint 2nd: Darragh O’Flanagan.

3rd: Eimear McGarrity.

HC: Sarah Dunne, Ava McGee, James McManus.

Impartial Reporter: Eve McManus, P7, Tattygar PS, who was awarded the Helen Lynam 'Most Memorable Moment' cup at this year's Verse/Own Poetry Section of Fermanagh Feis. She also won 1st place in the P7 Own Poetry class. Eve is pictured with her proud parents.Eve McManus, P7, Tattygar PS, who was awarded the Helen Lynam 'Most Memorable Moment' cup at this year's Verse/Own Poetry Section of Fermanagh Feis. She also won 1st place in the P7 Own Poetry class. Eve is pictured with her proud parents.

Own Poetry P7

1st: Eve McManus and winner of Most Memorable Moment Helen Lynam Trophy in Feis Verse/Own Poetry Section.

2nd: Lilly Watson.

3rd: Majeta McGourty.

HC: Kai McGeehan Smith, Florence McGovern.


Post- Primary Own Poetry Year 8

1st: Amelia Rose Blair.


Post- Primary Own Poetry Year 10

1st: Aoife Curry.

2nd: Uma De Naipir.

3rd: Flavia Remedios.


Post-Primary Year 12

1st: Grace Gilmurray.


Bursary winners

Overall Primary Verse

Uma De Naipir, Year 10 Enniskillen Royal Grammar School.


Own Poetry

Myla McEvoy, P5 St. Mary’s PS, Newtownbutler.


Most Memorable Moment in Verse Section – Helen Lynam Memorial Cup

Eve McManus, P7 Tattygar PS, Lisbellaw. The adjudicator commented that some of the lines in her poem, 'The last taste of Autumn', gave her goosebumps. Eve also won 1st place in the P7 Own Poetry class. She is pictured here with her proud parents, John and Emma McManus.