On the late Ina O’Loughlin’s card in celebration of her life in St Patrick’s Church Belleek, there was a lovely photo of her smiling.

A huge crowd turned out to say Slán agus Beannacht to one of the village's finest flowers.

Mrs. O'Loughlin mothered so many as well as her and her husband Joe’s nine children.

She had three sisters Margo, Mary, and Cilene who raised large families and made Belleek a much better place by the way they lived their lives and how they reared their children.

In a moving eulogy, her first cousin Fr. A.B. O’Shea said he was so glad to see “so many people gathered to say farewell.

“We are gathered here today to remember her and especially to thank God for her because in her 90-plus years, she has made a massive contribution to her own family, to her friends and neighbours and she made that contribution with an open mind and heart and she was inspiring.”

Fr. O’Shea extended a special welcome to Reverend Nigel Kilpatrick whose family were next-door neighbours and great friends of the O’Loughlin family.

He said that Ina, whose life they celebrated has brought “armfuls of good deeds” to God.

“Herself and Joe had a lovely life together and loved one another with all the love that was in their hearts and even in recent times when Ina was not able to communicate verbally and when Joe used to see her in hospital but love is not confined to words as they were able to hold hands and the warmth that was in their hearts passed through the grip of the hands.

“The other big thing that I associate with Ina is her love of flowers.

“A flower-pot was one of the symbols brought up to the altar but flowers are not just beautiful things to look at they are reflections of God’s love for us.

“She planted flowers and gave flowers to others, and this was a reminder of the beauty of God and the care he has for us all.

“And she brought kindliness and loveliness to many, many people.

“She was also a great baker and her cooking, it was not just food to fill tummies, but for Ina, her cooking and her baking was a gesture towards other people around and about her.

“I am told that on every Saturday before Covid that Ina would have 32 grandchildren there and her cooking and baking was a way of welcoming people to her home.

“And the Rosary was very important to Ina and she insisted on it being celebrated every day in her home and it did not matter as she even enlisted Rev. Nigel to join in."

Meanwhile, Rev. Nigel Kirkpatrick recalled many happy days growing up next door to the O’Loughlin family.

He said it was an honour and a privilege to be able to take part in the service today and he thanked the O’Loughlin family and Fr. O’Shea for the invitation.

“She was very much a part of our life as we were growing as indeed were the whole O’Loughlin family.

“We were close neighbours for all of my childhood, and it began with a very special friendship between my mother Edie and Ina who first met when they were children.

“Ina and Edie’s friendship endured over many years and in the dark time of our land when there was much strife between people who think differently these two formidable women raised their children to love and respect everyone no matter who or what they are.

“She was a remarkable and special woman who was a legendary gardener, parent and person.”