Geese and ducks quacked as a paintbrush was gently dragged across a page by TV presenter Timmy Mallett as he took in the serene scene overlooking the Mill Lough at Bellanaleck.

Looking out across the waters, he remarked: “This is probably one of the best spots I’ve had.”

Mr. Mallett, a television presenter, is undertaking a cycling journey across Northern Ireland, and said he is inspired by his late brother’s outlook on life as he ventures around the country.Impartial Reporter: TV Presenter Timmy Mallett, on his bicycle journey around Co.Fermanagh.

The colourful personality, well known for his popular children’s television series in the 1980s and 1990s - and his cover of 'Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' - has been travelling across Northern Ireland wearing his signature bright colours.

He was quite taken by Fermanagh on his visit, and remarked: “This is God’s own country! They say that it’s a magical place, and something you just have to come and see it to realise how magical it is.”

Explaining his inspiration, he said: “Why hurry, when it’s about being in the moment?

“I am inspired by my brother, who had language and learning difficulties, and Down's syndrome. With those language and learning difficulties, he lived every day of his life in the moment.

“What I am trying to do on this bike ride is to be in the here and now of living.”

Discussing the popularity of his bike ride which has fascinated people right across Northern Ireland, he said: “I am discovering that people are enjoying this bike ride for what it reveals to us about home.”

Mr. Mallett has been recording his journey on social media and has gained quite the following with many checking in on updates of his adventures, as well as viewing his watercolour paintings which he shares, inspired by the scenery.

Taking in the wonder of the lough in front of him, he added: “Let me tell you, you live in a fabulous part of the world."

He described local people as "joyous", and discussed his wonderful breakfast hosted by Catherine Corrigan, of Corrigan’s Shore House on Wednesday morning, before he cycled to Cleenish Island and onward to Enniskillen.


One stop was the office of The Impartial Reporter where he briefly chatted with staff members and spoke of his fondness for local newspapers.

Last night (Wednesday, April 3), he stayed in the Lough Erne Resort, where he enjoyed fine hospitality as part of his cycling trip.

Mr. Mallett will continue his cycling journey in the coming days. He began in Belfast visiting the Stormont estate and has since travelled to the Ards Peninsula, Strangford Lough and Armagh where he met the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh, The Most Rev. John McDowell.

Later he travelled to the Clogher Valley area, staying in the Corrick House Hotel, before travelling to Fermanagh.