A BELCOO woman who was caught driving while disqualified in Enniskillen has been put off the road for a further nine months. 

Rhiannon Nicole Sweeney (26), of Loughview Drive, Belcoo, was sentenced at Enniskillen Magistrate's Court on Monday, April 9 for charges of driving while disqualified and driving without insurance. 

A prosecutor told the court how on June 21 of last year, at around 6.25pm, police on mobile patrol at the Sligo Road, Enniskillen stopped Sweeney, who was driving a red Ford Ka.

Police found that Sweeney had been disqualified from driving on May 17, and cautioned her for this offence. She made no reply, the court heard.

Sweeney's legal representative, Ciaran Roddy BL, said that since the incident in June, Sweeney hadn't been "behind the wheel".

Mr. Roddy added that as the mother of a young child, Sweeney had faced difficulty due to the "limited public transport" in Belcoo.

"As a 26-year-old woman with a young child, she requires a lot of transport," the solicitor said, adding that since the offence, Sweeney now "has a better handle of bus times".

Mr. Roddy added that Sweeney had suffered from "poor mental health" but now "has a positive outlook for the future" thanks to family support. 

It was Sweeney's intention, Mr. Roddy added, to "return to the road" following any further disqualifications. 

Sentencing Sweeney, District Judge Alana McSorley, said: "You did not understand the consequences of the [driving disqualification] order and the seriousness of it."

However, Judge McSorley said Sweeney had "accepted responsibility" for her actions, and that her record of engaging with Probation was "good".

For driving while disqualified, Judge McSorley imposed a further driving disqualification of nine months, a one-year probation order, and a fine of £150.

For the offence of using a motor vehicle without insurance, Judge McSorley imposed a further fine of £200.