As part of the ZeroNsile project, AgriSearch will be holding two farm walks on red clover establishment shortly in partnership with AFBI and CAFRE.

These will take place on Wednesday, April 24 at 11am, on the farm of David Thompson, Sion Mills.

Then on Wednesday, June 5, a farm walk on red clover will take place at 11am on the farm of David Clarke, Augher.

Dr. David Patterson (Grassland Agronomist from AFBI), and Robert Patterson (Grassland Technologist at CAFRE), will outline the key steps needed to successfully establish red clover swards (including soil fertility, nutrient management, seed selection and reseeding methods).

The host farmers will discuss their experiences of establishing and harvesting red clover silage swards on their farms as part of the ZeroNsile Project.

Conail Keown (CAFRE) will discuss how to make best use of red clover within dairy cow diets, as well as the benefits that red clover can bring in terms of lowering fertiliser use, having higher protein forage, and the potential to lower your carbon footprint.

Registration for the first farm walk is open now.