Traditional Irish music teacher Maggie Maguire has said it’s a “lovely honour” to be recognised for her work in music.

The Fermanagh native has been nominated for the Impartial Reporter Community Champion of the Year, in association with Encirc.

The Impartial Reporter partnered with Encirc, last month, to launch the Community Champion Awards 2024 in a bid to reward people who contribute most to their area.

Ms. Maguire has been nominated for her work with TradAcad for Live Music Champion Award in teaching young aspiring musicians to get involved in traditional Irish music.

She has inspired others to learn and play an instrument and now runs classes weekly for all ages, learning instruments from fiddle and tin whistle to pipes, banjo and concertina, and leads the Knockmore Ceili Band, inspiring and encouraging others to take part in playing a musical instrument and also listen to Traditional music.

Ms. Maguire has ensured that the genre of Traditional music stays strong, with it encapsulating the essence of Ireland's rich heritage, reflecting the joys, sorrows, struggles, and triumphs of generations past.

“I don’t know what to say, but it’s a lovely honour to be recognised,” Ms. Maguire responded when informed of the nomination. 

“It’s a lovely thing for the community to do.”

She was also quick to praise her colleagues: “It’s really hard to explain how that work impacts you personally, you know?

“To see the growth in the children and for yourself to grow as a teacher as well, seeing them progress on is just really rewarding, and to see a child perform on stage because of the work you’re doing with them. 

“It’s very much a team effort when it comes to the work I do, because we have numerous teachers who work with me, as everybody gets involved.”

Ms. Maguire’s impact on the community has been vital, playing a significant role in keeping the tradition of live music alive and thriving in Fermanagh. 

Her dedication and efforts have undoubtedly enriched the lives of many, with her nominator seeing her as more than deserving of the nod for the Live Music Champion Award.