Enniskillen Theatre Company performed their production of The Lonesome West at the All Ireland Confined Finals in Mountmellick recently.

The plot follows two brothers, Valene (Christian Carbin) and Coleman (Michael Boyle) living alone in their father's house after his recent death. They find it impossible to exist without massive and violent disputes over the most mundane and innocent of topics.

Only Father Welsh, the local young priest, (Paul Doherty) is prepared to try to reconcile the two before their petty squabbling spiral into vicious and bloody carnage. Clodagh Sweeney is Girleen - bright, cheerful, and as settled as a young woman can be in a place where so much is unsettled. She values her friendships and is supportive of both the brothers and Father Welsh.

The play was directed by Ena Trimble. The adjudicator praised the production for its direction, the acting of Michael Boyle and Christian Carbin for their ability to raise laughter and take the audience to deeply tragic places, he was particularly praising of the poignant scene in Act Two when Girleen sits with Father Welsh beside a lake, watching the water and the night sky. There was not a sound in the house as this played out and Clodagh was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award as a result.

This is the second All Ireland Finals that Enniskillen has achieved in two attempts and a fantastic achievement by the group and director Ena Trimble. It takes an enormous amount of work, commitment dedication and finance to tour festivals around the country and then qualify for the finals where only nine qualify out of all the competing groups in the country.

The eventual winners were Kilrush Drama Group with Hooked a new play by Gillian Grattan.