Fermanagh, what can I say? 

You have been my solace, my sanctuary, a place of safety from my earliest memories. 

The lakes, the mountains, the rushy fields, the memories of hay fields and warm summers.

Lough Erne you were my constant childhood view, watching the ever-changing colours of the water as the skies changed with the passing seasons.

Fishing with my Dad in those early days, the cool bottle of juice tied behind the boat, chilled beneath the cool waters as we watched the sunlight dance on the clear waters, those memories now more precious than ever before. Not so many fish caught but seeing the smile on dad's face, well that’s a moment that stays with me forever!

The many early years spent on the farm, with my ponies and good friends, the hay-making in the summer. 

I can still feel the prickles on my legs from saving those hay bales before the weather broke and the thunder-clouds rolled in.

Then as the next stage of my life began, Lough Melvin became my solitude and inspiration. 

Oh that lake, what can I say? 

If you haven’t been there, you need to go, the sky sits differently there.

A lake with a border, but the lake doesn’t care!

The sun doesn’t care as it sets across that beautiful stretch of water, fishing boats meander slowly taking in every calming second of the complete tranquillity this place has to offer.

So many stunning places, from the heights of Lough Navar, overlooking Lough Erne leading the views as far as Bundoran and Mullaghmore on a clear day, to the hustle and bustle of Enniskillen.

Fermanagh will always be home, it's where my heart is and always will be and I will continue to capture as many memories of this stunning county with my camera and with my paint brushes and leave a bit of my heart and soul with these memories for the future generations.

Forever inspired and humbled by the immense beauty all around us.