Since reorganisation two years ago, there is an ongoing mini-revival in the numbers and range of people within the Enniskillen area who are learning and speaking Irish on a weekly basis.

The basis behind the growth is the work of local Irish language group Sruth na hÉirne, who run weekly classes, conversation circles, study trips and a newly started youth club.

It was on a recent group weekend course in the north Donegal Gaeltacht whereby the Irish government-backed Irish language development agency, Glor na Gael, learned about the resurgence in Enniskillen from a native Irish speaker and owner of a lodging house, where a 14-strong group of Sruth na hÉirne members had been staying.

Within a fortnight of the trip, the group’s first official engagement with Glor na Gael has now resulted in Sruth na hÉirne signing up for a first-ever two-year scheme to grow the language with a particular focus on youth, families and parents.

For Jim Ledwith, the Enniskillen-based group’s Chair, the forthcoming refocusing on youth, parents and families is both a timely and welcome challenge.

“We, as the largest Irish language in Fermanagh, are up for this and, following months of a pilot youth club trial, we look forward with confidence in taking a new direction for growing the use of Irish, both written and as a spoken, living language.

"All roads then lead to new strategic work beginning in earnest in early autumn," added Mr. Ledwith.