A FUNDRAISING evening was recently held in support of a young woman who plans to deliver an ambulance to war-torn Ukraine. 

Isabella Langham, of Tempo Manor, is raising money to convert an SUV into an ambulance which she will drive to drive from London to Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

She is hoping to raise £6,000 that will cover the purchase of the vehicle, its conversion and additional expenses of the trip, which she will undertake at some point this summer. 

Support for Isabella's mission has been widespread, and on the recent Bank Holiday Monday, a fundraising event was held at the Enniskillen Hotel, with the venue kindly granted by the business.

Isabella said that inspiration came from hearing of the plight of Ukrainians, who are "still suffering" two years into the conflict, with "little resolution in sight".

For many, such a mission would instil fear, dread and worry - but Ms. Langham said she is "more excited than scared".

"I get asked this a lot: 'Aren't you scared of the dangers?'," she continued.

"To be honest, I'm most nervous about driving on the opposite side of the road!

"Maybe when I get closer to the trip I'll be more nervous about the risks, but at the moment I can't say it scares me that much."

To donate to Ms. Langham's fundraising efforts, see: https://tinyurl.com/jrs2j7wu.