Two demonstrations held in "solidarity" with Palestine took place in Fermanagh at the weekend amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

The Robert Emmet 1916 Society held a 'bridgil' (vigil on a bridge) on the Maguiresbridge flyover and Fermanagh Sinn Féin held one on Johnson’s Bridge in Enniskillen.

A spokesperson for Robert Emmet 1916 Society said: “We have heard of the horrors from recent human history. From the slaughter and displacement of the native Americans to the man-made famine in Bengal, the Nazis Holocaust to the two million dead Iraqis but now in real-time we are witnessing genocide in Gaza.

“With a death toll nearing 40,000, 70 per cent of whom are women and children. 1.9 million (85 per cent of the population) have been displaced from their homes, a collapsed health service, and enforced starvation.

“All of the above whilst not only do the so-called democracies of the world allow for the horrors in Gaza to continue they are arming and funding those who are committing them.”

Explaining why they took part in this vigil, a spokesperson for the group said: “It will be the actions and the thinking of the courageous people of the world who will be the catalysts for change. A world free from war. A world free from inequality and exploitation. A world at peace, and that is why we stand with Palestine.”

Enniskillen Councillor Dermot Browne, Sinn Féin said: "Members of Enniskillen Sinn Fein congregated on Johnson’s Bridge on Saturday evening to show solidarity with Palestine. 

"The Palestinian people in Gaza have endured an eight month long genocide at the hands of Israel. 

"We have watched on our televisions screens the total destruction of Gaza. We have watched as the Israelis have bombed Palestinian homes, destroyed schools and hospitals, and prevented any humanitarian aid from getting in. 

"Children are starving. Tents are being firebombed, and still Israel suffers no consequences for its actions. 

"We join the millions of people around the world who say enough is enough. The bombing must stop. We need a ceasefire now."