Mark Wahlberg has posted “throwback” video footage of himself and a teenage Leonardo DiCaprio to Instagram.

The short video shows Wahlberg, then 22, with DiCaprio, then 19, being interviewed on the set of The Basketball Diaries, which was released in 1995.

Wahlberg posted the video to Instagram with the caption: “TBT!! [Throwback Thursday] Time flies!”

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TBT!! Time flies! 🕰

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In the video, the pair are seen being interviewed and joking around together on the set of The Basketball Diaries, a biographical crime drama based around the novel of the same name by Jim Carroll.

DiCaprio is seen looking at co-star Wahlberg and saying: “This is my boy right here. Are we friends now? Yeah, we’re friends, right Mark?”

The Basketball Diaries was one of DiCaprio’s first film roles, with the actor going on to star in Titanic two years later in 1997.