Dear Madam, - Two volumes of the Archaeological Survey of County Fermanagh, by the DOE, were published recently. In the introduction, 70 people were cited as being involved. I was one of them, having discovered three quarters of all the known prehistoric monuments in Fermanagh under a contract from the DOE by 1994.

This involved my discovery of 438 prehistoric monuments in one year.

These publications are the first public admissions from DOE that this is the case. Previously the DOE had vouchsafed to publish my account of my work. In letters to me from the DOE in 1996, they state that they are committed to publish my account of my solo “pioneering work”. Nothing of the sort happened.

Between then and now I formally asked the DOE to inform me under the Freedom of Information Act how many archaeological monuments their archaeologists had discovered in Fermanagh since 1970. The response from the DOE on April 29 2008 was none.

The account of my work in these 2014 publications by an author unknown to me consists of pages of irrelevant mythology that had been published often before, and which had been disproved by my work.

I dissociate myself from these DOE publications.

Could the DOE, and particular the author of the published account of my research, comment please?

Yours faithfully, Fred Carroll, Enniskillen