Dear Madam, - I am tired of hearing and reading about those ‘poor old people’ who are ill-treated by this bad government. This so called ‘bad’ government is now having to make so many cuts to their benefits because our previous government’s overspend. They are doing so because our country, Britain is vastly overdrawn. It has no money, only debts.

As an old person myself, I can look back to the days when I could not understand what a banana looked like until the war was over. During the war years, ships were so bady needed for transporting people that we had to live by the Ration Book system, giving fair shares of necessary food to all.

However they were good days in many ways, as everyone helped other people. They helped not only their own family, but anyone who seemed to be in need of a helping hand and a kindness.

How do young people spend their time these days? I remember going on quite a long cross city journey in order to do shopping for my grandmother whose legs were described as bad. I had to go on a bus journey to her house to collect her shopping list first, as only the very rich had telephones(portable phones were only a dream in the mind of inventors). Then I had to walk a distance to the nearest shops and walk back carrying the food in my shopping bag which my mother always took with her to our nearby shops. I did not buy sweets for myself as they were also rationed and very preciously handed out.

Young people need to learn lesson number one - kindness to others. Lesson number two is thrift or in other words carefulness in the use of money. These two lessons will take them quite a long way through the journey of life.

Yours faithfully, A very contented old lady