Dear Madam - When Tom Elliott ran his campaign for Westminster, he campaigned largely on being a viable option because unlike Michelle Gildernew he would take his seat and be present.

I ask then why Mr Elliott is not recorded as voting in any capacity on the Welfare Bill? It would appear he was absent for one of the most important debates of the entire term of Parliament. The Welfare Bill by and large decides how those with the least in society will be treated. Under the Tories that will be horrifically. We will see poverty and death increase due to policies such as no housing benefits being permitted for anyone under 21 -- many young people will go homeless.

I notice Mr Elliott’s colleague, Danny Kinahan voted no the Welfare Bill. That is a principled position to be admired. Yet on this vote, Fermanagh and South Tyrone was no better off than when we had Sinn Fein representation.

No vote was placed in any capacity.

I believe the citizens of Fermanagh and South Tyrone deserve an explanation from Mr Elliott.

Best wishes, Kylie Noble Belfast