Face to face marketing isn’t a new concept, it’s actually pretty old school. Actually, in today’s world it can be pretty effective because marketing has completely flipped.

Gone are the days of getting excited when you get an email, instead, getting a letter through is pretty riveting stuff. Well, sometimes.

It doesn’t happen often, but getting something physical that you can hold and touch gives letters a bit more value. If it looks nice, you’re less likely to bin it, whereas, we have no problem deleting an email, even if it does look nice.

The same thing pretty much applies to face to face marketing.  It leaves a lasting impression because we’re not used to that form of marketing anymore. Well, it’s not as common as email marketing or facebook ads.

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Instead, it connects with us more because we get to see someones personality and talk to a real person. It’s a 1:1 occurance that’s rare in the crazy marketing world we live in.

No matter how much tech advances and how clever we get with our online marketing, we think there will always be a place for Face to Face marketing. And that is something small businesses can capitalise on for sure. Large businesses can fail to connect with their customers for a variety of reason but sometimes it’s purely because there is just so many.

Small businesses have a unique opportunity to get hands on and build up those connections with customers through personal interactions.

Live events, door to door, exhibitions, presentations etc could all give your company a massive boost, if done correctly.

Event marketing has grown significantly over the past few years, there is literally nothing digital that can replace the face-to-face experiences you get at events. As humans, we want to network, we want to put a face to the brand and we want to get away from the digital pollution we find online.

Forward thinking marketers know they have to invest more in live events and face to face interactions if they want to succeed in an ever evolving digital world.

A recent study by Event Track found that over 90% of consumers will have a more positive feeling about a brand after they attend a live event.

Eventrack also found a whopping 98% of consumers actually create digital content for their blog or social media when at events too.

And we all know about how effective user generated content can be. Think about it this way,  what are you most likely to share with your friends? Someone else's content or your own?

The same thing goes with face-to-face experiences.  If you’ve had a nice experience, chances are you’ll talk to your friends about it. Whereas if you’ve read something online you’re less likely to share it unless it comes up in conversation.

Agencies like Acwyre are brilliant at making face-to-face marketing work for your business.

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