The Wesley Phair Pairs tournament was played recently with 68 pairs attending.
On the final night Stuart Cochrane played Sydney Parkinson in a close game with Stuart drawing his last bowl to win the game.
Ronnie Stubbs played Ivor Armstrong in another close game with Ronnie getting two shots in the last end to win 6 - 4. 
In the other half of the draw Darren Hunter played David Graham with David winning 11 shots to 5 and Jude Morris played Niall Cox with Jude winning 7 shots to 3. 
The semi-finals saw Cochrane playing Stubbs with Stubbs getting three shots in the last end to beat Cochrane 9 shots to 10. 
Graham played Morris with Graham finishing 6 shots to 4 up. 
In the final Graham played Stubbs in a very close and exciting final as the shots were level after five ends, eight ends and ten ends. In the tie end Graham played a heavy back hand shot to turn Harold’s bowl over to lie game. Unfortunately, Stubbs was too wide and missed the head leaving Graham the winner of the Wesley Phair Pairs for 2018.