The Fermanagh Open took place in fabulous weather conditions last week. Finals day dawned on Sunday and an exciting day’s play took place. Sponsored by Flogas and Manor House Country Hotel and supported by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, the event attracted a record entry of over 120 players both from neighbouring counties and further afield. The event was delighted to welcome Mr Gregg O’Rawe, President of Ulster Branch Tennis Ireland who assisted in presenting the prizes along with Cllr Siobhan Currie, Chair of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council and Anthony Mulligan representing Flogas.

As usual Tournament Director John Maguire did a sterling job in scheduling the matches ably assisted by his tournament committee. George Beacom and his staff from the Bawnacre were on hand with refreshments and ensured that everyone availed of a strawberries and ice-cream treat.

The first final to be decided was the C Ladies Singles in which Niamh Murnaghan from Omagh beat Enniskillen’s Geraldine Millar 6/4 4/6 6/3.There was an Irvinestown home win for Paul Hynes who won the C Mens Singles against Joe Grimes from Cavan 7/6 6/2. In fact Paul made three finals and also won the C Mens Doubles with playing partner Ryan Edgar when they defeated Cavan’s Joe Grimes and Jack Bell. Paul missed out on his hat-trick when David Lowe and Doreen Jones won the C Mixed title. In the A Ladies Singles, Nikki Hawkes from Omagh was the winner in this round robin event. The A Men’s Singles event was a great match for the spectators with the super talented Jan Frydrych from Castlebar against local player Kyran Maguire from Irvinestown. Jan went on to win 6/4 6/3. Kyran did go on to win the A Doubles title for the second year with partner Francis Venzon.

In the A mixed event, Francis partnered with Elaine Chambers and they went on to defeat David Mercer and Lisa Wallace from Bangor. The No. 1 seeds in the A Ladies Doubles were Joan McCandless and Elaine Chambers from Butt Hall and they won against local players Donna McSorley and Sarah Cousins 6/2 6/1

In some of the doubles events, there was also success for many local players. Wendy Eaton and Angel Flack from Irvinestown had a great win in the C Ladies Doubles when they triumphed over Maxine Leary and Josie Gillen from Enniskillen 6/3 7/6. In the B Ladies Doubles, Lisa Greaves and Andrea Irvine may have dropped the first set but went on to win against Emily Donaldson and Liz McGuinness from Enniskillen.

At the presentation of the prizes, Club President David Lowe, thanked the sponsors, Flogas and Manor House Country Hotel for their sponsorship and also Fermanagh and Omagh District Council. The event was well supported by visiting players many of whom stayed in the local area.


A Mens Singles – winner Jan Frydrych, Castlebar R/up Kyran Maguire, Irvinestown

A Ladies Singles – winner Nikki Hawkes, Omagh R/up Donna McSorley, Irv, Sarah Cousins, Ekn

A Mens Doubles – winners Kyran Maguire, Irv, Francis Venzon, Butt Hall. R/up Daniel Imiria, Jan Fryrdrych, Castlebar

A Ladies Doubles – winners Elaine Chambers, Joan McCandless. R/up Sarah Cousins, Ekn, Donna McSorley, Irv

A Mixed – winners Francis Venzon, Elaine Chambers, Butt Hall. R/up David Mercer, Lisa Wallace, Bangor

B Mens Singles – winner Scott Hubbard, Ekn. R/up Stephen King, Cavehill

B Ladies Singles – winner Ellen Casey, Kells. R/up Veronica Hawkes, Omagh

B Mens Doubles – winners Scott Hubbard, Ekn, Stephen King, Cavehill. R/up Ryan Irvine, Irv, Clive Funston, Ekn

B Ladies Doubles – winners Andrea Irvine, Irv, Lisa Greaves, Ekn. R/up Emily Donaldson, Liz McGuinness, Ekn

B Mixed – winners Scott Hubbard, Ekn, Ellen Casey. R/up Ken McMillan, Orla Malone, Cavan

C Mens Singles – winner Paul Hynes, Irvinestown. R/up Joe Grimes, Cavan

C Ladies Singles – winner Niamh Murnaghan, Omagh. R/up Geraldine Millar, Ekn

C Ladies Doubles – winners Wendy Eaton, Angel Flack, Irv R/up Josie Gillen, Maxine Leary Ekn

C Mens Doubles – winners Ryan Edgar, Paul Hynes, Irv. R/up Jack Bell, Joe Grimes, Cavan

C Mixed – winners David Lowe, Irv, Doreen Jones, Milford. R/up Paul Hynes, Theresa Cleary


A Mens Singles, winner Daniel Irimia, Castlebar. R/up Ryan Cuthbertson, Omagh

A Mixed – winners Colin Watterson and Sonya Hateboer, Ekn.R/up John Maguire, Irv and Aoifin Shorten, Sligo

B Mens Singles, winner Noel Jackson, Omagh. R/up Jack Bell, Cavan

B Mens Doubles – winners Arnold Custodio, Freddie Lusson, Butt Hall R/up Geoff Hawkes, Edwin Johnston, Omagh

B Ladies Doubles, winners – Katrina Deas, Omagh, Doreen Jones, Milford. R/up Veronica Hawkes, Omagh, Leonie Madigan, Ekn

B Mixed, winners Denis Daly, Sligo, Leslie Campbell, Ekn R/up David McDowell, Margaret Clancy Castlebar

C Mens Singles, winner Sean Bradley, Enniskillen. R/up Simon McCormack, Irvinestown

C Ladies Single, winner Theresa Cleary Enniskillen. R/up Emma Gormley, Omagh

C Men’Doubles, winners Conor McKeown, David Millar, Omagh. R/up Sean Bradley, Jonny Dixon, Ekn

C Ladies Doubles, winners Anne Buchanan, Cherry McCullough, Omagh. R/up Aisling, McGurk, Briege Walsh, Omagh

C Mixed – winners Cara Faloon, Conor McKeown, Omagh. R/up Anne Buchanan, John King, Omagh