Sean Duffy has spoken of feeling “let down” by Fermanagh County Board following his resignation from the position of Fermanagh senior hurling manager.

Duffy explained that he resigned after Fermanagh County Board officials met other people in relation to the position of county senior manager.

Duffy revealed that he had met with officials to review the season and told the Impartial Reporter that he was looking forward to the 2020 season:

“I left that meeting full sure I was going to be in the job the following year. We spoke about the plans that we had. It just had to go through County Executive, but it was never discussed at the next meeting.”

Duffy said that he understood that four players had contacted the County Board about grievances they had but he insists that he had the backing of the majority of the squad:

“I know my squad and I know I had the backing of them. At the end of the day you ask any manager if by the end of the year there would be four or five players upset over things, maybe not getting enough game time or whatever. There can be numerous reasons why men would not be happy. I just felt that I deserved to be told,” he said before adding:

“I have worked with those boys for a long time and I know my squad.”

Duffy said that the lack of what he believes was a proper process by the County Board is what has made him most frustrated.

“I think the whole thing was sneaky in the way it was carried out. If things can’t be done correctly at County Board level what hope do we have.”

The Lisbellaw club man believes that he should have been informed by the County Board of any potential player unrest and also asked the question why other potential candidates had known about the potential unrest before he had:

“Why was I not informed about players going to the County Board? Instead they (County Board officials) went and interviewed other men. That doesn’t sit well with me. I was told after that they were interviewed in case I resigned but I’m not sure about that. And also, how did those men interviewed know before me that there was unrest in the squad? I would like that answered.”

Duffy also revealed that players had contacted officials of the County Board to express their dissatisfaction.

“I know a lot of players have contacted the County Board to say that they are baffled by all of this. But at the end of the day I want what is best for Fermanagh hurling.”

Duffy told this paper that following his resignation he was contacted by a County Board official via text to thank him for his efforts:

“I think if you want to thank someone for the job that they did then you can pick up the phone and let that person know. I just feel let down by how everything was handled from the very start.”

Fermanagh GAA released a statement on Tuesday and said they wished to “thank Sean and his entire backroom team for all their hard work and commitment over the last three years.”