Fermanagh and Western Chairman Neil Jardine has confirmed that they have not received any appeal to their decision to null and void the current league campaign with it now up to clubs to decide whether they wish to convene an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting to revisit the decision.

The Fermanagh and Western Management Committee made the call to conclude the league season last Monday night with Jardine telling the Impartial Reporter last week that the unanimous decision of the members of the Management Committee was that they felt there was no chance of getting a full season completed.”

Division One was the big issue for the Fermanagh and Western having been increased to 14 teams after clubs had opted when the league was ended last season to promote but not relegate.

A number of Division One clubs had felt that playing one round of fixtures and then splitting the league with the top half playing each other once and the bottom half the same was a viable option. For this to be possible it would require and Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Kesh had considered the option of an appeal but decided against this as because of possible implications to getting football back up and running.

Jardine says that they did receive a letter from Kesh but that is the only correspondence they have had to date from any club on the matter and he explains that for an EGM to be called, one third of the clubs would have to be in favour.

“The clubs have a right to call an EGM but as of today (Tuesday) the only correspondence we have received regarding the decision was an email from NFC Kesh which was sent to us and all club secretaries and the response went back to all club secretaries.

“We have received no other correspondence from any other clubs and in the absence of that we can’t react.

“The mechanisms are there for clubs via an appeal, which has now passed, or via clubs calling an EGM according to rule. An EGM can be convened if the secretary receives a written request from one third of club secretaries,” said Jardine.

Jardine also confirmed that a sub-committee will now push on to look at options for a subsidiary competition. The committee will consist of Jardine (Chairman), Ciara Crawford (secretary), Malcolm McVitty (match secretary) and then representatives from the three divisions, namely Paul Cassidy (Division One), Johnny Noble (Division Two) and Noel Stewart (Division Three).

“There is no appeal received so the sub-committee will now look at the options involved with the subsidiary competition and what can be set up to report back to the Management Committee.

“We will look at it now within the next week with the aim to have something in place for starting on January 16 barring any other restrictions that may come in at that stage. It is also subject to what is happening with the Junior Cup, we don’t know that either. There is a Junior Committee meeting scheduled to take place within the next week so we might get some idea then as to what they are looking at,” he said.