Fermanagh Super Cup chairman Scott Robinson has revealed that he hopes that a Fermanagh Girls U-17 team will compete at this year’s competition, if it gets the go-ahead.

Plans are already under way for this Summer’s world-renowned tournament – with organisers having met via Zoom online meetings with county representatives – and they include a Girls section, with Robinson keen for Fermanagh to field a Women’s team.

“One thing that did come out of the meeting was that they were looking at the possibility of having a Women’s U-17 competition and that is something that we will look seriously into – having a first-ever Fermanagh Women’s U-17 team compete at the competition.

“Obviously, having a sponsor would be the big thing, but I feel that you would have no bother getting a sponsor of the first Women’s team.

“We know there are a lot of girls in the county who aren’t playing football but would love to and are very good, and I think it is a real opportunity for us,” said Robinson.

Robinson has also said that organisers have now two options on the table for the tournament, with a decision to be made towards the end of April.

“They had four options that they have now cut to two; they are the normal worldwide competition, because there are still a lot of teams from other countries that want to come, or a UK and all-Ireland one.

“They don’t know yet what way the tournament will run but they intend to decide on that in late April and they will be planning for the competition to go ahead unless told otherwise,” he added.

Robinson did acknowledge that some of the counties have concerns over the competition going ahead, but he says that Fermanagh are eager to take part, if it goes ahead.

“Some of the counties had concerns about the competition going ahead but I feel that the Super Cup Committee are doing a great job and they have a great interest in running it.

“From our point of view, we understand the concerns of the other counties, but we are looking at it positively and we’re not looking at the negatives unless told otherwise.”id.