Fermanagh and Western XI manager Michael Kerr says he is pleased with the make up of his squad after of their game against the Sligo Leitrim District Soccer League on Saturday June 3, 2023. The game will be played at The Ball Range with a 12.30pm kick off.

Kerr, who led the Fermanagh and Western to victory in the corresponding fixture last season, has named a strong looking 18-man Fermanagh and Western squad for the game and states that they will be looking to secure the win again on the day.

" Overall, I'm delighted with the quality available to us. At this time of the year you are always going to a couple of players who aren't available but we have a lot of quality in it and there is squad depth too which is pleasing.

"It was an enjoyable experience last year and I think we showed the quality of the Fermanagh and Western and hopefully we can do that again this year," said Kerr.

And he says that with a lot of winners in the squad, the players will be keen to retain the trophy.

"It is a chance for them to represent their clubs and the Fermanagh and Western and the squad is full of league, Mulhern Cup and Junior Cup winners and they will be determined to claim the win," he added.

League champions Tummery Athletic have the largest representation in the squad with four players included while Enniskillen Town, Enniskillen Rangers and NFC Kesh have three each.

Fermanagh and Western Squad


Joel Peden (Enniskillen Rangers)

Tiernan McNamee (Strathroy Harps)


Benny Boyle (Strathroy Harps)

Conor Rippey (Enniskillen Rangers)

Conor Watson (Enniskillen Town United)

Dylan Ballantine (Magheraveely)

Nigel Beacom (NFC Kesh)

Richie Johnston(Enniskillen Rangers)


Ashley Lowry (Dergview Reserves)

Decky McNulty (Tummery Athletic)

Kris Hamilton (Beragh Swifts)

Ryan Hanna (Tummery Athletic)

Sean McDonagh (NFC Kesh)


Aidy McCaffrey (Tummery Athletic)

Cathal Beacon (Enniskillen Town United)

Jamal Tavares (Enniskillen Town United)

Martin Hughes (Tummery Athletic)

Ryan Campbell (NFC Kesh)

Management: Michael Kerr, Andrew Sproule, Stephen McFrederick, Tony Roofe