The Leinster Short Course Championships at the National Aquatic Centre witnessed a spectacular performance by Ellie McCartney, who seized the opportunity to excel in less familiar events, further solidifying her status as a versatile and formidable swimmer.

McCartney’s championship journey began with a stellar performance in the 200m Breaststroke. Demonstrating her adaptability and skill, she clinched the gold medal, clocking a season-best time of 2:28.78. This victory not only showcased her prowess in breaststroke but also set the tone for her subsequent events.

In a remarkable return to the 400m Individual Medley – an event she hadn’t competed in for nearly four years – McCartney secured a silver medal, finishing behind Irish Olympic swimmer Ellen Walshe. What made this accomplishment even more noteworthy was her staggering 18-second personal best (PB) time of 4:46.96, underscoring her dedication and improvement over the years.

The championship saw McCartney continue her medal-winning streak with another silver in the 200m Freestyle. Clocking in at 2:00.42, she shattered her previous best by 13 seconds, a time she had set three years prior. This performance not only highlighted her endurance and speed but also her remarkable progress in freestyle events.

Ellie McCartney’s achievements at the Leinster Short Course Championships are a testament to her evolving skill set and her ability to challenge herself in varied swimming disciplines. Her impressive results in less familiar events underscore her potential and versatility as a swimmer, setting a high bar for her future endeavours and inspiring many young swimmers in the region.

On Saturday evening, Ellie McCartney was presented with a plaque on behalf of Swim Ulster to recognise her achievements at both the LEN European Juniors and the Commonwealth Youth Games.