Kesh’s Mulhern Cup tie with Dergview Reserves will be played next Wednesday, April 24 in Ferney Park.

With the game being initially scheduled at Darragh Park last month, Dergview Reserves looked to change the game to the smaller pitch below it prior to kick-off due to the conditions of the main pitch.

However, Campbell said his players were not keen to change to the other pitch, with most of them having never played on it before.

Dergview had appealed Kesh’s decision to leave as they believed the game should have gone ahead.

“The decision has come back that it was dismissed so they’re sticking with the Fermanagh and Western’s decision to play it a neutral ground so it’s to be played now next Wednesday night at Ferney Park,” Campbell explained.

“We went down there and they wanted us to play on the bottom pitch and the lads weren’t happy with it so we were told we had a decision if we wanted to play it or not, then you never know what the outcome could be when they appealed everything so we’re were just hoping it would go the same way as the Fermanagh and Western had decided to a neutral ground. I think the original plan was the Bawnacre or the 4G, but it’s worked out better again.”

Campbell said he had made sure that Kesh were entitled to walk away after being told the game wouldn’t be played on the Darragh Park pitch.

“We had rung Neil Jardine, the referee and Basil Marshall too just to confirm things and Basil said the same, ‘It was our decision’, if we agreed it would go ahead, and if we didn’t, it classes as a change of venue so, we had the option,” he added. 

“They had to give us 72 hour’s notice if they wanted to move it to the bottom pitch.”

“We had our full squad down on the day but that pitch down the back, it’s like a training pitch to me more than a football pitch so we weren’t too keen on playing on it, I’m glad now it’ll finally be played and on a good surface.”

Kesh play Irvinestown Wanderers in the Mercer League this weekend as they look to maintain their title hopes while Dergview Reserves play away to Magheraveely.