The Senior Football League in Fermanagh will not begin as was originally scheduled for Friday, June 14.

The Competitions Control Committee (CCC) met on Thursday evening and decided to push back the fixtures until Fermanagh are finished in the Tailteann Cup.

With the Club Players' Competition due to finish this evening (Friday) with the play-offs, league football proper was due to get underway in another week.

But at the meeting, it was agreed that Round One of the league would be moved to either Tuesday, July 16 or Wednesday, July 17 depending on whether or not Fermanagh reached the Tailteann Cup Final.

Round Six would then be moved to from Friday, July 19 to Saturday, July 20. This in turn would push Round 14/15 of the Erne Cup back to Sunday, July 21.

It was further agreed that if Fermanagh win their Tailteann Cup quarter-final on June 15/16, Round Two of the league would be moved from Friday, June 21 to Tuesday, July 30.

In youth football the U18 league fixtures would be pushed back a week from Round Two onwards.

The only way a league game can be played before Fermanagh either are knocked out of the Tailteann Cup or win it is if two clubs involved in a fixture both agree to move their games back to the original slots which will be facilitated.