Sport is an important part of everyday life, a little competition never hurt anybody and it provides the opportunity to learn and have fun.

It teaches patience, fairness and etiquette as well as honesty, integrity and respect for others.

Golf is a great opportunity to meet new people and get some much needed exercise, away from the tech-no age devices that can occupy much of our kids time today.

Golf is a individual sport as well a team sport which brings the whole camaraderie factor into play. Today it’s great to see a greater number of schools bringing golf in as an additional sport at school.

Great also for the kids to get a chance to play golf, who don’t always participate in the traditional ball sports such as soccer, rugby, Gaelic football etc.

Sport has become a cornerstone of modern society for many reasons. For juniors, sport in general can be a chance to shine and utilise skills not normally rewarded in the environment of school and study.

Overall there are many benefits for kids learning golf: * The joy of group participation – friendship and teamwork * The importance of communication – different visual and verbal cues * Learning the game teaches self-discipline * To be active and spend hours outdoors * To learn movement and physical awareness * A positive attitude for dealing with success and failure * Teaches problem solving techniques and rewards creativity On a tuition note, adults can comprehend more complex language during lessons but golf is not played with language.

It is played with imagery, feel and awareness.

Kids excel at this type of instruction therefore maybe those with all the theories should take heed-keep it simple.

Kids Summer Golf Camps McCool Golf Academy are now taking bookings for this years series of kids golf camps at Enniskillen Golf Club; Camp 1 : 8th, 9th & 10th July 9.30am-11am; Camp 2 : 22nd,23rd & 24th July 9.30am-11am; Camp 3 : 19th,20th & 21st August 9.30am-11am. Additional dates for Blacklion Golf Club Camps can be found on our Facebook page: The Golf Cabin For more details and bookings call Enniskillen Pro Shop on 028 66325250 or email