‘Line of Duty’ star and Fermanagh man Adrian Dunbar was on hand on Friday evening to launch the Enniskillen Gaels development plan as the newly selected club ambassador.

Prior to the launch, Mr. Dunbar spoke to The Impartial Reporter about what his new role means to him.

Speaking of his role, Mr. Dunbar said: "It’s a huge honour for me that the guys have selected me. I know of course I've gotten a lot of public attention, but at the same time, you know, you don't treat these things lightly.

“It really is an honour for me and for my family that they've decided to choose me as an ambassador, and I hope I live up to the job."

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The actor - who spoke passionately about his love of sport - did not play for Enniskillen Gaels, but has fond memories of the club and his earliest memories of attending matches are alongside his father and his brother.

He said: “My earliest memories of the Gaels are when I lived in Castle Street, which is no more, sadly.

"But my father would take me and sometimes my younger brother, John, and we'd walk over the West Bridge, and walk out the Sligo Road to where the old Gaelic pitch used to be, which was right by the lough.

"If it was a rainy day, they would have been kind of running about through the rushes playing football, which wasn't great. It wasn't the best pitch, but it was a very atmospheric pitch.”

He continued: "I suppose my real engagement was in the seventies when they won the championship in 1976 and 1978, we would all have been getting on the bus and following them around and it was great"

Speaking about what he will be doing in his role, Mr Dunbar said: "The idea is for me to use my profile to contact people maybe beyond the town here and get them involved in helping."

Reflecting on what the development plan will mean for the Gaels, he said: "I think its going to be a game changer for the club itself and it will make the county ground look pretty good as well.

"It [Brewster Park] is an amazing site, right in the middle of the town, it is an incredible thing to have a county ground so tight in the middle of the community and I'm hoping that we will reach out to other codes in the community.

He added: "I will do my level best to attract whatever investment I can into the place."