Enniskillen actor Adrian Dunbar has paid tribute to his inspirational mother as he spoke at length about how his mother "instilled a love of music and of performance" in him and many others.

The late Pauline Dunbar died on December 18 last year, the 89 year old was a popular character in Enniskillen, Prior to her death, Mr. Dunbar had dedicated his GQ Men of the Year television actor of the year award to his mother.

Speaking during a wide ranging interview in his home town, the actor paid tribute to his mother and her influence on him as he remembered the talented singer and actress who was a popular member of the St. Michael’s Church choir.

He said: "My mother was a singer and sung in a choir all her life. She instilled in me a love of music and performance as she did a lot of pantomimes and Gilbert and Sullivan [musicals] in the town in the 1950s and 60s. She had a huge influence on me and on a whole lot of other people as well."

Calling his mother an "inspirational character" he added: “Also because my father died at 50, she had five kids at home and so she was a bit of an inspirational character really, my mother."

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The Enniskillen native has enjoyed much success in recent years due to Line of Duty and he revealed that Ted Hastings may be returning.

He said: “We might be doing something next year; there might be a Line of Duty something happening next year, fingers crossed.

“It’s still a bit of a cliff-hanger there, it was concluded. But you know, some people felt that you know, there's something else out there. There's always something else out there isn't there really.

Not giving anything away, Mr. Dunbar continued: “What it is, I have no idea. I haven't seen a script, nobody's told me anything about it. So but I hope it happens because it means we'll be back in Belfast because there's no Covid [restrictions]. We'll be able to hang out together and, you know, have fun.”

One other topic of discussion streaming from Line of Duty was the mural of Mr. Dunbar which was painted last year on Charlie’s Bar, Enniskillen. Mr. Dunbar said: “I'm very proud that somebody hasn't defaced it, That's usually the way all murals go at some point.”

He continued: “Yeah, it's a very good mural, by the way, I think whoever did it has done a really good job. I made sure I went the last time I was here and got a photograph of myself standing beside it.

“It is a testament to the legend that is Ted Hastings.”

When asked if he had any say as to the mural, he said: “Oh, I had no idea. Somebody sent me a text and said have you seen this and I went, where the hell is that?”

On the Beckett festival which will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, Mr. Dunbar said: "I'm hoping to be involved. At the moment we are working it out, but I think I'm going to be here.. I'm hoping that we're going to bring our production of Ohio Impromptu back to Devenish Island, which was always really popular and one of the highlights over the years.

“I'll be around the time for that. It's always a good time and hopefully they get a nice programme together and you know we will see our friends.”

Dunbar will return to our screens in the autumn starring as the titular character in ITV detective drama Ridley. Dunbar will play inspector Alex Ridley, who is coaxed back into the fold as a consultant by his former mentee, Acting DI Carol Farman played by Bronagh Waugh.