ARMY wife Vanessa Beatty has been spending the last couple of weeks in Fermanagh on holiday.

Originally from Blackburn, she lives with her soldier husband, Kyle and baby daughter, Jamie-Leigh in Germany.

The petite brunette has been a part of the army bubble all her life, with her father also serving.

So when she took part in our Lifestyle photoshoot this week, she said she had become accustomed to her husband being away for long periods of time.

Wearing a leopard print shoes, a matching blouse and leather leggings, all from Exhibit and a blazer from Germany, Vanessa explains her connection with Fermanagh.

"Kyle's mum and dad are from here. We got married here two years ago and we lived here for a while. We had the service in Ballinamallard and then headed across the road to the Steakhouse. We have been here for about five weeks now. I've been helping out my father-in-law by waitressing a bit while I'm here. I'm not sure exactly when we will be heading back to Germany just yet." The 20-year-old met Kyle while in school.

As she models a black and gold peplum top from Exhibit with her leggings she says adjusting to becoming a full-time mum for little Jamie-Leigh was an easy transition for her.

"She will be two next month," explains Vanessa, "She is great, she definitely keeps me on my toes. At the moment Kyle is in Kenya. He has been away for a while now. It is hard when he is away but I have always been in an army family so to be honest I don't know much different. I think I would have found Kyle being away harder if I hadn't experienced it before with my dad. But my parents only live down the road from where I live so I have people around me and Jamie-Leigh keeps me company!" Wearing a cosy knitted jumper from New Look and jeans from Germany, she describes her style as being "current".

"I like shopping in New Look, River Island, Exhibit -- different places really," she says, "I don't exercise at all though -- being a mum I just don't have the time for that!" Wearing a black dress from Exhibit, Vanessa says she looks forward to the time when Kyle returns, bringing the opportunity to get back to "normality".

"When he is away I would meet up with friends, go out or go shopping but normally I'm having a busy day with my little girl," says Vanessa, "And at the end of each day I like to curl up on the sofa and watch the soaps! But when Kyle is home we go out for meals and different things like that to get back to normality until the next time that he goes away again. He is due back on November 7, although he was meant to come back earlier and it was extended. He could have it extended for another two to three months again, you never know. All my friends are army wives as well so they all live in that army bubble too. It would be hard for me to imagine anything else really," she adds.