The Radiology Department at the new South West Hospital has welcomed the very first patient to be seen at the new state-of-the-art acute facility.

Members of the public who required plain film x-rays were able to be referred for x-ray to the new Radiology department and were the first patients to receive clinical interventions in the new hospital.

Dr Gareth Loughrey, Consultant Radiologist with the Western Trust and who will be based at the new hospital said: "We are delighted to have welcomed Anna as our first patient referred through her GP for plain film radiography. The Radiology Department is the first department to receive patients and our staff are looking forward to becoming fully operational from Thursday 21 June 2012 when the new hospital opens to patients."

The new hospital opens to patients on Thursday when approximately 120 patients will be moved from the Erne Hospital site to the new hospital on the Irvinestown Road.

The public is being warned that the move will impact on traffic in the Cornagrade and Irvinestown Roads.