A man accused of knocking a young woman unconscious after a row with a former girlfriend has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Jason David Taylor, of Orchard House, Rigg, Enniskillen, denied carrying out the aggravated assasult on Valina Woods but was convicted of the offence.

He was ordered to pay her �500 compensation and fined �100 for obstructing a police officer.

Miss Woods told Fermanagh Court that on Saturday, October 23, last year, she was on a girl's night out in Enniskillen.

They were on the dance floor of Pat's Bar when she noticed Taylor walking past quite a few times.

She explained that one of the girls who was with her was called Ciara, a former girlfriend of Taylor.

"He was trying to grab at her," said Miss Woods.

She said that at one point the bouncers threw Taylor out of the pub but he got back in so she and her friends decided to leave.

"We thought it would be better if we just left," she told the court. "We decided to go to The Crowe's Nest." She said that about three hours later they left The Crowe's Nest and went to a chip van at The Diamond. She said Taylor started shouting at her, telling her he knew where she lived.

"I was laughing at him," she stated.

The next thing she remembered was lying on the ground.

"When I woke up he was gone and the police were there," she told the court.

She said she had a black eye and her whole face was swollen and she was taken to the Erne Hospital.

Cross-examined by Taylor's defence barrister, she said she had gone out around nine or ten o'clock that night and had six or seven Jack Daniels whiskies.

Asked to describe how she felt, she said: "I would say tipsy but fine." She told the court: "Ciara used to go out with Jason and they had split up some months before that." Since then: "They weren't particularly friendly." She said that on the night in question: "The two of them exchanged words." "..... and a row broke out and it was Jason who was attacked," suggested Taylor's defence barrister.

"He will say he had received a blow to the nose," the barrister continued.

"We were all girls," replied Miss Woods.

The barrister suggested there were three or four girls kicking and punching Taylor.

"If that was the case the bouncers would have put us out," said Miss Woods.

She denied hitting Taylor.

However, she admitted "squaring up" to him and giving him abuse when they met three hours later, after she and her friends had left The Crowe's Nest and gone to The Diamond.

"It was in response to what he was doing to us," she stated.

She denied spitting at Taylor or giving him a slap.

"It was just verbal," she said, adding that she did not remember being punched.

The defence barrister said Taylor would say he pushed her away after he was slapped and that she was wearing high heels and had been drinking and fell over.

"The case is, he didn't cause the injuries to you," stated the barrister.

After hearing evidence from other witnesses the Deputy District Judge found Taylor guilty of the aggravated assault on a female and sentenced him to four months' imprisonment, suspended for two years.