A 19-YEAR-OLD man facing charges of rape, sexual assault and sexual activity with a minor appeared at Enniskillen Magistrates Court on Monday accused of assaulting his six months' pregnant partner at the weekend.

Kevin Williamson, Galliagh Park, Enniskillen, was refused bail on Monday after details of two alleged assaults over the course of the weekend were described in court.

A police constable gave evidence that Mr Williamson's 17-year-old partner had accused him of pulling her by the hair, punching her in the face and squeezing her abdomen on Saturday.

The officer told the court that she had indicated another assault had also taken place earlier.

Mr Williamson, who was out on court bail in relation to allegations of rape, was subject to seven bail conditions.

His defence solicitor, Conor Heaney said he had been on bail for almost a year.

The police constable told the court, however, that there had already been two breaches of bail in the past, one on September 26 last and another on November 13.

Mr Heaney told the court it was a case "not without difficulty".

He explained that the complainant and the defendant had a relationship together and that she was six months pregnant with his child.

He told the court that part of his client's bail conditions was to reside at his father's address at Galliagh Park.

"The position is that the complainant made contact with the defendant on Saturday, complaining of pains associated generally with the pregnancy. She arrived at Galliagh Park and it would appear that he extracted himself from the house and went to his mother's house at Windmill Heights, where the altercation took place." He said witnesses had provided statements that they witnessed the complainant assault the defendant before being placed in the back of a car.

Mr Williamson's mother, who appeared in court on Monday, said she would be willing to ensure he abided by his bail.

But District Judge Paul Copeland said he did not consider Mr Williamson suitable for bail.

"It is not in the public interest to release you," he told the defendant.

Mr Williamson was remanded in custody to appear via video link on August 20.