Sean Quinn Jnr inside the training unit in Mountjoy Prison.

Photo courtesy of the Sunday World.

THE reality of life in jail has finally dawned on a "subdued" Sean Quinn junior, according to Father Gerry Comiskey who visited the 33-year-old in Dublin's Mountjoy Prison yesterday (Wednesday).

"It was good to see him, he was quite delighted to have a visit. The time is long and difficult, the reality has come home to him. He is isolated, away from his new wife and parents and sisters and that is getting to him the most," he said, adding: "He is saddened but I don't detect any resentment".

Sean jnr has been following developments on the outside by listening to the radio and watching the news. He even watched footage of his dad's emotional speech at the Ballyconnell rally on Sunday.

"He watched his father on the TV, I know for sure he was overcome with gratitude when he watched the news. I give him a good account of all that has been happening and I told him about the long line of men and friends from Teemore who came up to me after the rally with tears in their eyes. He was amazed about the gathering and that it had happened. He was deeply grateful and asked me to convoy his gratitude".

The Drumlane priest says Sean jnr who is two weeks into a three month stretch for contempt of court is passing the time by watching the Olympics and playing snooker.

"The Olympics are a great blessing and he knows absolutely everything about it. He is watching the television all the time, everything is sports related. He was telling me there are four games he is looking forward to watching next week. I know he is enjoying playing games of snooker, too," he said.

But Father Comiskey who spent an hour with him yesterday says the prison is "far from cushy".

"There is no such thing as a cushy prison, no person who is detained or has their freedom taking from them can be having a whale of a time. It is incomprehensible for people to be talking in those terms. It is a very harrowing time for him leaving his wife and family and heading into prison. It is very daunting for someone so young, it is truly shocking," he said.

The priest, who officiated the wedding of Sean jnr and new wife Karen Woods a few weeks ago, has also been spending time with Sean and Patricia Quinn in recent days.

"The family are simply devastated and for Patricia this is a mother's worst nightmare. For her who has been so committed to the family and such a loving and warm presence in the home and community it is a horror for her. I think it's good for them both to cry for their son," he said.

Furthermore, the priest says Sean snr is fearful of going to jail like his son.

"He's extremely worried about what the future holds and one gets the impression if his fate is to go to prison he would nearly prefer that it would begin sooner rather than later," he said.