Talented Irish dancer Colum Higgins, from Fermanagh, is on top of the world this week.

The 12-year-old champion Irish dancer has just danced his way to third place in the World Irish Dancing Championships.

Colum, a son of Martin and Elma Higgins, travelled to the City West Hotel in Dublin last Sunday with his parents and his sisters Eimear and Crona and competed against a large number of qualifying boys from all over the world. Fifty-eight boys were in his category.

Colum, a pupil of McConomy Bradley Doherty Academy in Derry, attends this dancing school twice to three times weekly. 

The schoolboy, who has been dancing since he was four, has a great passion for his dancing. 

Colum first competed in the World’s three years ago in Montreal, gaining 10th place. 

Last year, in Glasgow, he gained seventh place, and then this year (on Monday of this week) he won his first world globe. 

Colum’s family acknowledge that Colum’s dancing teachers have to be commended for the amount of hard work and dedication they have given Colum this past year.

Colum is a first year pupil at St. Michael’s College and has a keen interest in Gaelic football and plays for Belcoo O’Rahillys in his spare time. 

He wants to pursue his interest in Irish dancing with hopefully more success to come in the future.

Monday’s accomplishment certainly proved an exciting one for Colum, who was “hoping to be in the top three to get a globe,” and the young Irish dancing talent fulfilled his aspiration.

Elma and Martin said this week that they would really like to thank everyone for their good wishes and support which means so much following Colum’s superb achievement in Dublin.