A NUMBER of Council owned public shower facilities across Fermanagh, including in Bellanaleck, have been closed “for months”, it’s understood.
The closure of such facilities close to where boats are moored has angered some people, including Charlie Greene who is based at Bellanaleck Quay.
“This has been a problem since March and customers are complaining. They go to use the shower or the toilet and find that the door is screwed closed,” he told The Impartial Reporter.
“It’s getting beyond a joke, we are supposed to be promoting tourism. Between that and Devenish Island being closed in the past there always seems to be an excuse.”
Mr. Greene said he has raised the issue with Fermanagh and Omagh District Council “but nobody wants to tell me anything.” 
“They said they were trying to organise something. Sure the season could be half over when they are done. They should really have had it done by the beginning of April for those fishing and holidaying.
“It’s a facility that should be there, I would say the showers are not closed about Tyrone. I think Fermanagh gets the short end,” he said. 
The Impartial Reporter asked the Council about the closure of the facilities and in a statement a spokesman said that its public showers, including in Bellanaleck, “are to be flushed and disinfected prior to being opened for the new season.”
“The council has engaged external contractors to undertake this work and it is anticipated that it will be completed and the facilities re opened within the next ten days,” he said.