The Clogher Valley Twelfth held at sunny Clogher, on Wednesday, was once again “very much a family day.”

Twenty-five lodges from two districts – Annahoe and Fivemiletown – were on parade at this year’s widely attended event, hosted this year by Fivemiletown District. 

Maintaining a long-held tradition, members of the Orange Institution from neighbouring Co. Monaghan were also present. 

Lodges, accompanied by 20 bands, covering a wide genre, assembled on the Station Road.

The main parade proceeded through the village along Main Street to the demonstration field at Fivemiletown Road. 

District officers from both Fivemiletown and Annahoe were present on the platform for the religious service. 

The guest speaker was Canon Maurice Armstrong, a local Church of Ireland rector, who said: “Today as we meet to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne and also remember the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther, we also meet to worship God.”

He continued: “The world has changed greatly since those two anniversaries in terms of advances in communication, travel, scientific discoveries and medical advances. 

“Yet troubled by terrorism, war, political insecurity and uncertainty, where do we find help? 
“Psalm 46 reminds us ‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.
“‘The Lord of hosts is with us’.

“God has shown that very personally when he sent his only Son, Jesus to come, live, die and rise again for us and for our salvation. For this ever changing world we can trust in that one and only Saviour for this world and for our eternal future.” 

Organisers specially produced a lodge year book, containing articles from the various lodges on parade and their respective activities over the past 12 months.

Prior to the Twelfth celebrations, a family fun night and barbecue were held at nearby Roughan on July 11. 

A football challenge match held between the Orangemen of the two local districts, was described afterwards as “a keenly contested affair”; the final score was 3-2 to Fivemiletown District.

Ian McClung, District Secretary, Fivemiletown District, said Clogher Valley Twelfth is “very much a family day, enjoyed by all.” 

Among those who attend are natives of the Clogher Valley who have made their homes elsewhere and return for the occasion - which proved an enjoyable spectacle.